WordCamp Vancouver 2015

This past weekend was fantastic. I attended WordCamp Vancouver, where I spoke for my first time at a conference.  I’ve had this idea for a long time, that I could teach people the fundamental ideas of Object-Oriented Programming using robots. This is where I put it to the test.

My talk “Robot OOP” includes Wall-E, Eve, The Cylons, The Cybermen, The Daleks, and The Transformers. While most of the examples used include robots, sometimes i took a different approach — like asking a couple audience members their name. I felt like the talk went quite well. I had a number of people find me throughout the course of the day, to tell them enjoyed it. That makes me happy. Thank you to all of you who gave me your feedback. I appreciate it.

Here are my slides. The video of my talk should be on wordpress.tv in the next few weeks, with the rest of WordCamp Vancouver 2015. After my talk, I changed the “Homework” slide to be more practical. I really enjoyed at WordCamp. I hope to get to do it again soon.


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