Mobile Edition

This morning I’ve launched the mobile edition of However, it doesn’t include this blog. That’s for a future time. 🙂 In keeping with the One Web idea, I’m using the same url but a different layout. I chose this method, because it complies with the DRY principle, it made it easier/faster to develop, and its more cost effective since i’m not using a separate hosting account for a mobile site.

The difficulty to mobile web development is that you need to test a wide variety of devices. Acquiring such devices can get expensive depending on how many you’re developing for. Some developers, and even companies, make sites to cater to iPhone or Blackberry and call it a day. I’m using a Palm Treo 700p, and limiting my development to Palm Devices would be bad, given the small audience. More importantly though, I want everyone to be able to use my websites.

So, I have a request. If you have mobile browser on your phone, could you send me some screenshots of what different pages on look like, in the next day or so? Here’s an example of a screenshot from my hiragana project. I’d greatly appreciate it.

If you’re a web developer that makes mobile sites, I’d love to hear any tips you might have.

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