These entries are more casual or personal nature. They cover topics like places I've traveled to, events I attended, personal milestones. They may even be an expression of some issues I've been thinking about.

Shell Scripting for PHP Developers at PHP Tek 2024

Yesterday at PHP[Tek], I gave my first ever talk at a PHP conference. My talk was about shell scripting from a PHP developer perspective. Here are the slides for that presentation. AWoods-PHPTek-2024 Shell Scripting for PHP Developers

Switching Podcast Apps

I decided to switch away from Apple Podcasts. I ended up choosing two apps to manage my podcast listening experience

Building My Blog

It’s a new year, so it’s a natural time for reflection on one’s current direction. This year, I want focus on writing more – particularly on my blog.

Habits Over Resolutions

I’m re-reading Atomic Habits, with the hope that by implementing the concepts within the book, I’ll be able to achieve my New Year’s resolutions

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