When I get inspired, I need to create

Each of my software projects is a labor of love, a work in progress. No project is truly complete, so they’re all in various stages of development. There’s always something new I want to change or improve. Do you want to see the code? Check out my github profile. Below are some of my favorite projects.



Opal is a Bash shell configuration suite that is re-usable across users and machines, for web developers that favor the command line. Many github users have a ‘dotfiles’ project. My hope is that other people will find Opal as useful as I do. It was designed in part, with the idea of sharing some of my tools. More importantly, I’m constantly improving it, to help myself become more effective. Several utility functions to help with time tracking, looking up information, and text parsing are included, as well as multiple vimrc files to help web developers better comply to the their project’s coding standards.

WordPress AutoLoader Plugin

An autoloader lets you dynamically require or include a file based on it’s class name. When using object-oriented programming, autoloading classes makes it easier to manage your code. However, WordPress doesn’t currently have an autoloader. So I created the WPAL (WordPress AutoLoader) plugin to address this issue. How does it work? The WPAL is written … Read more » WordPress AutoLoader Plugin

Temperance Starter Theme

Temperance is a WordPress starter theme. It’s accessibility-ready, and built using HTML5, CSS, and Sass. Temperance has a flexible, semantic foundation, designed to be customized. Temperance is constructed to provide you with enough help, without getting in your way.

Hotness – A Vim Theme

The Hotness is a Vim theme that implements warm, bright colors on a dark background. I wanted a theme that would be comfortable to use for long periods of time. I use the Hotness as my Vim theme for web development – WordPress, and PHP.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon is a short-term WordPress theme, that helps you quickly put your site online