When I get inspired, I need to create

Each of my projects is a labor of love, a work in progress. No project is truly complete, so they’re all in various stages of development. There’s always something new I want to change or improve. Do you want to see the code? Check out my github profile. Below are some of my more developed projects.

Freelance Client

Freelance Client is a WordPress plugin is for Website Professionals to use on their client’s websites. It provides a set a features for better/safer user experience for client users   An editable dashboard widget for your contact info A new role – Site Administrator – that disables some of the more dangerous administrator capabilities The … Read more » Freelance Client

Freelance Manager

Freelance Manager is WordPress plugin for freelance web professionals that manage client sites. This WordPress plugin, installed only on the website of web professional, helps you keep track of your client websites. For additional value, install the Freelance Client plugin on each of your client websites.

Hotness – A Vim Theme

The Hotness is a Vim theme that implements warm, bright colors on a dark background. I wanted a theme that would be comfortable to use for long periods of time. I use the Hotness as my Vim theme for web development – WordPress, and PHP.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon is a short-term WordPress theme, that helps you quickly put your site online


Temperance is a WordPress starter theme. Built using HTML5, Temperance has a strong semantic, and accessible foundation. Accessibility is essential for the web. Temperance is about providing enough to help you, without getting in your way. It’s constantly growing, so be sure to check back often, if you are a frequent user.