Hire Me

Do you need help with the web applications that drive your business? Do you use Laravel, Symfony, or WordPress? Hire me. I recently (2019 July) re-located to New York City. My objective is to work in New York City for an established organization to lead a team of developers, serving as a mentor to help my team enhance their abilities. I want create a positive impact the user experience through enhancing accessibility, reducing technical debt, balancing innovation with maintainability, and developing APIs and services. I specialize in developing modern PHP applications, and making tech understandable to non-technical people. I’m a developer that values accessibility and design.

Technology plays an important role, for businesses small and large. In my view, technology is best used in service of the customer. It’s why I believe accessibility is important to web applications, and a core part of user experience. Developing accessible web applications is good for business, because it improves the user experience, and widens the potential customer base.

Outside of tech, I’m learning Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL). Learning these languages allows me to expand my ability to communicate with others. It’d be great to have the opportunity to use and improve my language skills on the job.

Interested in working together? Please contact me to get started.