Temperance Starter Theme

Source URL: Temperance on GitHub

Temperance is a WordPress starter theme.  The name comes from the virtue – which is the value of moderation. The purpose of this starter theme is to provide a foundation, without limiting you.

A WordPress starter theme is designed to provide you with a head start, while allowing you to change every file as needed to meet your project’s needs.  It’s built using PHP, HTML5, CSS, and Sass. Temperance provides a solid, semantic foundation, for you to build upon. This is different from a parent theme, where you are discouraged from changing the parent theme files.


Temperance provides you with a library of additional functionality, specifically for WordPress. Some of these features include:

  • Accessible read more links,
  • Easy access to menus,
  • Pagination links,
  • Copyright function
  • Adaptable templates

Accessibility is essential for a solid user experience, and a consideration during every development decision.

Version 2.0 Available

Temperance Version 2.0 was released in November of 2017. Here’s some of the benefits:

  • Improved file organization
    • re-usable content template parts
    • removed sample favicons
  • Leaner, more consistent markup
  • Easily create a custom RSS Dashboard widget
  • Improved use of HTML5 elements
  • Enhanced resources
    • Create links to documentation for theme developers
    • Add links to help you implement custom favicons

Temperance undergoes periodic development. If you are a user of Temperance, I’d appreciate your feedback, and I’m open to contributions. :)