These cover a variety of topics like modern PHP, application development, design patterns, and web design.

Share Your Code For Review

Sometimes you want to share your git branch with someone, but don’t want to lose your ability to rebase it. Here’s how to do it.

Upgrade Your PHP Version

PHP updates are on a regular schedule. Some developers and organizations feel overwhelmed by this. Let’s put that in perspective

How To Use 410 Gone

The 410 Gone HTTP status code is an underused code in web applications. This will get you started thinking about how to use the 410 code in your application.

What is a Numeronym?

If you’ve been on the web for a while, you may have seen words like a11y, i18n, and l10n used. These are called numeronyms. A numeronym is a number-based word, a type of abbreviation. The numeronyms a11y, i18n, and l10n represent the words accessibility, internationalization, and localization respectively. They are used when space is limited … Read more » What is a Numeronym?

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