2017 Wrap Up Of 24 Posts

I thought I’d take the opportunity to wrap up the 24 posts for 2017. This year’s 24 posts wasn’t as successful as I hoped. I got about half way through, then I surrendered. As I was writing the posts, I felt increasing pressure to publish each day. At some point, it wasn’t worth it. I … Read more » 2017 Wrap Up Of 24 Posts

How To Customize Your Terminal

The terminal has been developed over many years, so their wasn’t a single design vision that developed it.  You previously learned what to customize in your terminal. What you’ll learn today is how to customize your terminal to make it more consistent. The terminal application I’m using is iTerm2. Create Your Theme Profile This first … Read more » How To Customize Your Terminal

Customizing Your Terminal

There is much involved with customizing your terminal – more than just changing the colors in your terminal app.