Advice To Junior Developers

Have you heard of Stephanie Hurlburt? She’s a graphics engineer, and an entrepreneur. She’s the co-owner of Binomial, where they make Basis, an image compressor. She is someone who is continually trying to help other developers, particularly women, to improve their careers and skills. She helps others through sharing information, offering advice, providing feedback, or … Read more » Advice To Junior Developers

What Should I Write About?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to write about for your blog. This article will give you some insight.

Creating Example Projects

Show me the code. That phrase will inevitably come up when people talk about software. Software, by it’s nature, is abstract. When you’re having a long discussion about software, it’s easy to get away from the main point. Until you’re looking at the same piece of code, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild, … Read more » Creating Example Projects