How Can You Support WP-CLI?

In the WordPress ecosystem, one of the most useful tools out there is WP-CLI. It allows you to administer WordPress websites faster and more effectively at the command line,  than using the traditional wp-admin web interface. It’s a developer tool – so if you only use WordPress as a blogging tool, it might not be on your radar. Every WordPress developer that I know uses it. Did you know that WP-CLI is primarily being developed by one person? That person is Daniel Bachhuber. Sure, people contribute a fix here and there, but if you look at the WP-CLI contributor graph on GitHub, you see Daniel is shouldering the load of the work.

Daniel needs our help to make WP-CLI development sustainable and he proposed a solution. He raises some valid concerns. Another possible solution would be to create a small team of more dedicated contributors to help. I’m thinking 3-4 people would be a good number. With a few dedicated contributors, the burden would be shared. Daniel’s opportunity costs would be lowered, while development continues. I’m sure  I’m not sure to think of this. Naturally, the next question you’d ask is – where would they come from? Looking at the project’s contributor graph, you’ll see there are no candidates that stand out.  Most WP-CLI contributors are do small, sporadic contributions. Maybe if people knew they weren’t gonna be the only one to take up the main development, more people might be willing to step up their development. It’s hard to say though, because there are external factors and previous commitments that determine people’s behavior – outside their desire to contribute to open source.

How can you help Daniel?

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