PNWPHP 2016 Speakers

Hey everyone! The PNWPHP organizers are hard at work putting together a great conference for you. We received 368 abstracts from a pool of talented speakers from all around the PHP community. We had a lot of hard choices, but we made them. It took a little longer than we thought, but we posted the final speakers list. From the chosen talks below, we created the PNWPHP Schedule. We have a mix of 25-minute and 55-minute sessions over 2 days, and a day of workshops. The tables below are sorted by the speaker’s name.

PNWPHP 2016 Conference Sessions

Adam Culp The Accidental Professional
Adam Wathan Curing the Common Loop: Collections
Alena Holligan Exploiting Thy Brain For Fun and For Profit
Amanda Folson If You Build it, They Won’t Come
Ashley Hudson Microservices with Slim 3.0
Chris Tankersly Oh Crap, My Code is Slow
Davey Shafik HTTP/2 and Async APIs
Ed Finkler Graph Databases will Change Your Freakin’ Life
Eli White Web Scrapers with Symfony/Goutte
Gary Hockin Step Into Debugging
Graham Daniels Here Be Dragons! What it’s Really Like to Slay A Monolith
Kirsten Hunter Irresistible APIs
Liz Smith Taming the Resource Tiger
Lorna Mitchell MySQL and Beyond
Matthew Weir-O’Phinney Use Zend Framework Components Anywhere
Michelangelo Van Dam Leveraging Distributed Architecture
Robert McFrazier Why Your Mobile Website Matters
Sammy Powers Journey to the Center of PHP
Taylor Otwell Laravel: Design & Philosophy
Will Galego Hitting the Turbo Button: Upgrading to PHP 7 at Etsy

PNWPHP 2016 Conference Workshops

Each of the workshops is a half day.

Adam Culp Zend Expressive Framework
Chris Tankersley Docker for Developers
Eli White Web Security Fundamentals
Liz Smith PHP Extensions Tutorial
Lorna Mitchell Git for Developers
Michaelangelo Van Dam Test, Create, Secure, Delete

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