Changing Your Routine for Daylight Savings

At the beginning of each calendar year, we tell ourselves that this year is gonna be different. We write down our resolutions, with a clean slate, and the promise of improving our lives. We tend to limit ourselves that this is the only time we can evaluate and change our behavior. Instead there are many opportunities.

Task Ideas for Daylight Savings Time

Twice a year, we futz with our clocks to change the time by an hour. Today we’ve entered Daylight Savings Time – we spring forward – and turn our clocks forward, which means we actually lost an hour. It’s all quite silly when you think about it.

With that said, it does provide a good point it time to serve as a landmark. What do you want to change? Let’s discuss some ideas.


The ideas normally mentioned on a list like this are to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors, and flip the mattress for your bed, Hire someone to tune your piano

The time change is an indicator that the weather is also changing. As the weather starts getting warmer, and daylight hours getting longer, there are a few things you might want to change. Baseball season starts in a couple of weeks; Opening Day is March 28.

Some personal style ideas:

  • Get a new baseball cap for your team
  • Try a new hair style
  • Remove your winter beard
  • Buy a new electric razor
  • Switch to a different type of cologne
  • Buy some new shoes

Some self improvement ideas

  • Change up your workout routine
  • Study a different language (applies to spoken and computer languages)
  • Backup your computer
  • Update your passwords
  • Read a different genre of books
  • Delete unused apps


Daylight Savings, whether we’re losing or gaining an hour, is a great opportunity to changing things up a bit. Monthly is a little too frequent some things. In any case, there’s no time like the present to start to change things for the better for yourself.

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