Final Facebook Post

I’m wrapping up my Facebook account – in preparation for closing it tomorrow. I’m spending time today sending some of the people on Facebook, that I’d like to keep in touch with, my contact info. Hopefully, they’ll choose to keep in touch with me. After all, I’m leaving Facebook, not the people. Only time will tell. I figured I’d give my Facebook audience one last post. So without further adieu, here’s what I wrote for my last Facebook post

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow a mystery,
but today is a gift …
that’s why it’s called the present

One thing not mysterious about tomorrow though, is I’m closing my facebook account, as promised last week. What time tomorrow? I don’t know. Just remember, this is TTYL and C U Soon. We’ll still see each other around the Interwebs, and if we’re fortunate, in the real world. It’s only my time on Facebook that has come to … wait for it …. the end of the line 😉



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