These articles are focused on learning how to do something — usually to learn a technology, or how to implement a project.

Function Key Mappings In Vim

I enjoy using Vim. While I use PHPstorm to fulfill most of my programming needs, I still use Vim quite a bit. Recently I was making some improvements to Opal my command line framework. I wanted to improve my Vim user experience. So I decided to add some function key mappings to trigger commands. This … Read more » Function Key Mappings In Vim

Dates and Times in PHP

We are all connected – through our relationships, through location, and by time.  We share one clock with the same 24 hours. We just start our days at different points on that clock. Those points are represented by time zones. We all think about time differences on a regular basis. Developers have the responsibility working … Read more » Dates and Times in PHP

Regex Basics: The Syntax

Regular Expressions can be complicated as the expression gets longer. However, the individual pieces are simple. There’s just a lot of them.  Below is a table of the more common characters available. All the available escape sequences are documented on php.net. Syntax Meaning Syntax Meaning  \d any decimal digit: 0-9  \D any character that is … Read more » Regex Basics: The Syntax

RegEx Basics: Numbers

Regular Expressions, or RegEx, are a must have skill. This tutorial will help you learn them, by analyzing a regex to validate if a number is between 0 and 255.

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