These articles are focused on learning how to do something — usually to learn a technology, or how to implement a project.

Using WP-CLI

The WordPress admin does a lot to empower you as a user. It makes it easy to create and publish your content. Sometimes though, it’s not the right tool for the job. Sometimes, what you need is the command line. Fortunately there is a great command line tool that lets you administer WordPress sites — WP CLI.

Create Bash Aliases

Bash (The Bourne Again SHell) has a feature that lets you create a keyword to associate with a command. It’s a great way to make it easy to execute hard to type commands. It’s called alias.

How to Install a Vim Theme

Eventually, every Vim user wants to design their editing experience. Part of that, is the visual experience. You’ll learn how to install a third party Vim Theme a.k.a. color scheme.

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