24 Posts of 2017

This year I decided I’m gonna do 24 Posts again. Everyday up through Christmas Eve, I’ll publish a blog post. Blogmas is a similar concept, but seems to be limited only to Christmas-related content. The first time I participated in 24 Posts was 2015. I skipped it in 2016. So, I figure it’s time to participate again. I just made this decision last night, so I haven’t decided yet what I’ll write about. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Content Plan

Some ideas I’m considering are:

  • reviews
    • books
    • films
    • blog posts
    • products
  • holiday themed posts
  • bullet journal (#bujo)
  • code
  • command line tips
  • commentary on related topics

Is there a topic that you are interested in reading about? Is there a particular style of content you prefer? Let me know in the comments

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