Building My Blog

Historically, I haven’t been great about writing consistently on this blog. I blame social media. Multiple times a day, we capture our thoughts by posting them on social media. Typically there’s very little editing, if any. I often see people string several tweets together, and I think “that should’ve been a blog post”. What if instead of posting on social media as micro posts, people gathered their thoughts into a single blog post? After you”ve published your article, use your social media to post an excerpt and the link to your blog post. That’s how you drive traffic to your website. Additionally, every blog post you write makes your website more valuable.

Write Small But Consistent

There’s a tendency to think you have to write a long blog post, for it to be valuable. The SEO best practice is around 300 words. That’s like a thread of 6-8 tweets. So it shouldn’t be a huge time investment. I wish I had a larger collection of articles and posts to look back upon. Someone who’s done a great job of writing on their own site is Jeremy Keith.
Sometimes I felt like I didn’t have anything to write about. Sometimes, I was distracted by other things. Other times, it was just laziness, and not making the effort to sit down and write. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of different ideas. for both personal and professional topics. One topic in particular is personal knowledge management using Obsidian. It has me thinking about content in new ways. I also would like to create small code samples to help learn programming. I’m inspired to write more on my blog. I look forward to see how my website improves over time.

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